Page 2 of the TiPS Weekend Warrior’s Playbook: Applying PACE

In our previous post, we shared why it’s so important to PACE yourself during weekend warrior activities. PACE stands for power, agility, control, and endurance—all things every sport demands of our bodies.

Let’s take a moment to see PACE in action. We’ll use the softball field as an example.

POWER for the Weekend Warrior

You get to the softball field early and lightly swing the bat and jog the bases. As you do, you imagine running the bases in the heat of the game and the sudden sprint from home plate as you nail that ball (Power). You practice the movement from standstill to push off, paying attention to feeling your power muscles such as glutes (buttock) and quads (front of thighs) work.

AGILITY for the Weekend Warrior

Now you are touching first base and change direction toward second base. You imagine you also need to dodge an opposing player who has gotten in your way (Agility). You practice shifting your weight slowly from side to side, starting with your ankle and then incorporating your whole body, adding a little rotation as well. Start slowly, allowing your feet and ankles to gain the warm up, flexibility and awareness to handle the move then make the movements progressively a little bigger and faster, allowing your muscles and joints to meet this demand.

CONTROL for the Weekend Warrior

Now you are running full blast for home plate, and you sense the ball coming your way! You think about the muscles that must contract as you slide into home base just before the catcher gets the ball to strike you out (Control). Practice stretching and contracting the muscles of the inner and outer thighs that will contract and stretch to protect your joints as you navigate that movement. Slide one foot out as you shift your weight to the other leg, simulating the movements you may use. Feel the muscles both stretch and work; start slowly then progress into fuller motion. Low back, shoulder, neck, ankle, hip – feel the muscles contract along your ankles, hips, lower back, shoulders, and neck, too.

ENDURANCE for the Weekend Warrior

Now, move to the outfield. Imagine the team you are playing keeps hitting it out to your sector of the field. The game is moving fast and you are running, running, running with no break in the action, chasing down those balls (Endurance). What muscles and joints are feeling the burn? Make sure you are warming up and stretching those muscles before the game or even as you stand there waiting for the next pitch. In the outfield, stand in your ready position but add movement: squat a little, shift side to side, and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth to keep those muscles alert and ready to jump into action. Consider doing some conditioning off the field to train your heart so it is healthy and strong.

PACE-ing yourself before you take the field—and being conscious of the strain and force your event puts on your body, can help even the toughest weekend warrior avoid injury and feel great. Want more tips? We’re happy to help and only a phone call or email away. Contact TiPS for a full, personalized training for your specific activity for play, work, or life!