Overcoming Obstacles in the Way of Your Success

It’s time to get real. I mean really real. Not everyone will be ecstatic about the change you’re hoping to make stick this year. Many of my clients find that the people they most expect to be in their corner—their spouses, bosses, or business partners—aren’t supportive of their new habits.

Sometimes, this hostility to change is explicit, but most of the time, your would-be support people don’t realize they’re sabotaging your success. Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking but all of your friends at work smoke and enjoying their company on breaks has become very difficult. Or, perhaps your spouse does the grocery shopping and can’t help but bring home chips and cookies when you’ve asked for hummus and pita bread.

The Power of a Game Plan

Of course, the behaviors of the people around you aren’t the only obstacles you’ll encounter on your journey to making change that sticks. Time, money, energy, schedule, travel, desire—all can turn into potholes on the road to success.

That’s when having a success plan is incredibly helpful. Even if everything is going your way right now, a great result is much more likely if you consider any and all things that could get in the way of your success—and create a game plan for overcoming them.

Simple, Believable, Joyful, and Sustainable

The most effective success plans are simple, believable, joyful, and sustainable. They outline clear, specific actions you’ll take toward your goal each day and identify the action that will be the easiest to achieve (the low-hanging fruit). But most importantly, effective success plans list out all potential obstacles and strategies for overcoming them.

Being proactive helps us stay in control and more likely to be successful in creating change that sticks. Sometimes, we need a little help getting our plan down on paper. For personalized support, contact TiPS today.