Health and Safety at Work

Building Health and Preventing Injuries


Health and Safety at Work

Building Health and Preventing Injuries

Your Return on Investment with TIPS could be between 7/1 or as much as 11/1 in the FIRST YEAR.       TIPS self-sustaining injury prevention system reduces your costs every year so ROI in subsequent years can be as much at 17/1. That’s $17 dollars saved for every dollar spent. Now that’s a smart investment!       For a company with 500 Employees and 14 sprain strain injuries per year, your savings can be as much as $400,000 in the first year. Why Wait?      Is physical discomfort causing you to lose employees? TIPS helps your employees feel better, move better and have more energy left at the end of the day so they can enjoy more in their life.       Deploy an Ergo Army to keep your injuries in check! TIPS trains your team so you can minimize on-going prevention costs.      For a company with 100 Employees and 3 sprain / strain injuries per year, your savings can be as much as $154,397 in the first year.

We Teach People How To Use Their Body Without Using It Up!

There is an art and science behind what we do to provide you and your employees with results that everyone can be happy with. TIPS has been building health and preventing injuries since 1994.


Simple Answers to a Complicated Problem

It's what we all want. Incredibly, it is also what works best. To meet your needs in the broad category of soft tissue injury prevention, with all of the varied jobs and individuals that comprise the challenge, we must make the complex simple. To do this, we start by shaping our approach around basic universal truths:

  • No one wants to hurt.
  • No one wants to fail.
  • No one wants more complexity.
  • No one wants "one more thing to do."
  • Each individual must sell themselves to gain true buy-in.

The sophistication of simplicity is designed into all of our service and product offerings. Simplicity enhances both participation and sustainability, two vital components of true success.

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So Why Does Our Program Work Where Others Have Fallen Short? We Address The Biggest Hurdles

  • We utilize our “Self-Sell” approach to show employees what’s in it for them personally, so they can feel and believe in their own ability to make real and lasting change.
  • TIPS training is simple and easy to follow, with a clear understanding of expected gains.
  • We utilize work and daily movement as part of the restorative process.
  • We include simple identifiers, so employees can recognize if they are moving correctly or not.




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How We Help

TIPS, Your Partner in Health and Safety at Work!

In everything we do, we believe in going the extra mile to correct the problems, not just the symptoms. We do this by providing smart service that is beautifully designed around the physical and mental makeup of individuals and companies. We partner with you to do more than just contain your soft tissue injuries. We correct them and then prevent them.

  • On-Site and Remote Services
  • SPARCS™ 3-STEP Injury Knock-Out Program
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Posture and Movement Assessment
  • Group and Individual Coaching
  • Train the Trainer and Leadership Workshops
  • Well-Being Programs
  • Functional Movement Screens (FMS)
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Partnering With TIPS

When you partner with TIPS, we become part of your team. We get to know your employees, your jobs and risks, and your unique needs. We use ergonomics, movement assessment and re-programming, culture enhancement, training, and coaching to reduce injuries and all the pain that comes with them.

Meet The Team

Maria Sall
Maria Sall is the founder of TIPS (Tailored Injury Prevention Solutions). She is an Ergonomist, Injury Prevention Specialist, and prior Master Fitness Trainer for the United States Army.

Success Stories

Companies from across the country in a broad range of industries have utilized TIPS to reduce injuries, enhance their employee health and bottom-line profitability, and improve their safety culture.


Since 1994, TIPS has used work activities as part of the solution. Ergonomic improvements, retraining crucial movement patterns, and simple techniques to balance out job demands make real injury prevention achievable.