“TIPS is a great resource that you absolutely need, but probably never knew was available! TIPS training can get your employees feeling better and working happier. You will look forward to engaging your team through TIPS and helping them prevent those avoidable injuries.”

-Adam Harold, People Liason for 2016 Aspire of Illinois

“Great customer service, level of skill and expertise of the TIPS trainer” and commented, “The value of TIPS training is priceless!”
- Adam Harold, Newly Appointed Co-Chair for “the TIPS Committee” at Aspire

"In the short amount of time we have worked with TIPS, Rolls Royce Naval Marine has reduced our soft tissue injury rate by 93%. The employees benefit from the training presentations, and one-on-one attention that each of them receives."

-Kenny Cribb, Director HS&E of Rolls Royce Naval Marine

"The TIPS program continues to lower injury experience especially involving “soft tissue issue" type injuries."

-Mark Bruce, General Manager for BNSF

"TIPS Train the Trainer class for back injury prevention was excellent. It makes the student take ownership of knowing and leading the course material."

-Scott Baduauz, Safety Coordinator for Harvey Gulf

"In the past year we implemented TIPS SPARCS training program. Managers/Supervisors are leading employees in stretching and employees are doing TIPS related injury prevention exercises before and after work. In comparing our OSHA recordable from the year before using TIPS, we have decreased our soft tissue injuries by 80%!"

-Derek Hitesman, EHS Manager for HP-Hood--Arkport

"Thank you for the training you provided. The crews really enjoyed your training and the office employees have already asked me if I’m bringing you back up for them. The front receptionists also liked your approach and wanted to make sure I bring you back. The individual training is priceless. The only negative comments we received from both groups is why didn’t we start this training sooner."

-Mike Mead, Manager of Safety for Cass County Electric Cooperative

"The TIPS program is not only impact-full at work, but also impact-full for their [employees] personal lives."

-Victor Meyers, Vice President Operations for Twin Cities & Western

"I would recommend TiPS trainers and programs to anyone looking for ways to reduce workplace injuries. We started working with TiPS five years ago to help reduce soft tissue injuries at our industrial processing facility that employs 160 process operators, maintenance technicians, managers and office workers. A certified athletic trainer visited our plant weekly to provide instruction and coaching for optimizing working postures and to provide a better understanding of muscle groups and connective tissue. Nearly 50% of OSHA recordable workplace injuries were strains, sprains, back or other soft tissue injuries before the education and coaching provided by TiPS trainers. In the last five years since TiPS trainers have been working with our employees, including a daily active stretching routine for higher risk employees, our overall injury rates are down significantly and soft tissue injuries in particular are now below 30% of total work related injuries."

-Joe Score, Safety Manager for Bunge Council Bluffs, IA

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